Core Strategy

Over the past two and a half decades, the Principals at RFR have assembled a team of the industry’s leading senior executives with an average of more than 30 years’ experience in real estate investment, development and asset management.

RFR’s portfolio has since grown to include over 100 buildings consisting of office, hotel, retail and residential properties that are located in key markets in the United States and Germany.

RFR acquires, develops and redevelops well-located buildings and actively creates value through increased property cash flow, rather than passive asset management. The Company and its Principals seek to improve a building’s tenant profile and upgrade the property through selective capital expenditures. The Principals are also known for having strong market foresight with regard to leasing and market trends in all property types.

The RFR team consistently identifies and orchestrates timely and high-quality investment opportunities to create long-term value. The company’s investment philosophy emphasizes both the financial and design quality of each property.

“Our goal is to maximize the economic returns of our assets while honoring the aesthetic design and spirit of each property,” commented Rosen.

With that in mind, RFR has a long-established public arts program, intersecting art and real estate that improves the urban landscape and tenant experience while reinforcing RFR’s brand value in core markets.

An established leader in the New York City office market, RFR is an organization that combines institutional infrastructure and an entrepreneurial culture with the right approach to meet the needs of a constantly shifting, highly sophisticated tenant base and investment market.