Paramount Hotel

Originally built in 1928, the Landmarked Paramount Hotel in the center of the Times Square Theatre District has a storied history, having showcased top entertainers in its Diamond Horseshoe nightclub. In 2013, under the artistic direction of RFR, the Paramount completed a significant renovation that repositioned the property with multiple new retail, food & beverage, entertainment, conference, and hospitality venues under one roof offering a unique and memorable NYC experience.

The 597-room Paramount Hotel is an institutional quality boutique hotel located in the heart of the Times Square Theater District, with convenient access to Midtown Manhattan’s main leisure and corporate areas. The Property, which was built in 1928 and most recently renovated in 2012, is primarily positioned as a Times Square premier hotel catering to both domestic and international leisure and corporate clientele.


Building Information


Guest Rooms


Paramount Café
Paramount Space Conference Rooms
Fitness Center
Sony Hall

Property Information

Anthony Fragoso
212 308 1000

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